Natural Diamonds –

The world’s hardest currency.®

Raw diamonds from the best direct source with Kimberly certification for discerning processors and investors of the highest quality.

Mr. Claus WYSTEMP, Chief Financial Officer, Founder, Investor from CongoDiamonds, as a project developer from Germany with a history of 30 years of corporate culture, „believes in a sustainable, ethical diamond industry and the people working to make it great around the world,“ says Claus WYSTEMP in the press release dated 01.04.2022 in Karlsruhe Germany. „We are currently establishing rough diamond exploration companies and diamond trading companies all over Africa with a strong team of dedicated people. We will continue to uphold our highest standards of responsible business conduct and business ethics, which are an integral part of our culture and principles. Our primary business objective is to map the entire value chain in Africa and donate profits from rough diamond exploration at diamond mines and profits from rough diamond trading to humanitarian projects for children in Africa.“

CongoDiamonds – Fancy Dark after professional polish

Beautiful Diamond Currency

Rare, exclusive fancy diamonds have become one of the most important investment opportunities over the last decade.

CongoDiamonds supplies processing companies worldwide with the best qualities, stunning colours and carats in great variety. Diamond dealers all over the world trust us.

CongoDiamonds – rough diamonds in our top quality

Hardest Diamond Currency

Diamonds are crystallising into the hardest currency in the world. Unlike gold, which suffers constant attempts at manipulation, the values of diamonds cannot be manipulated and rise every year. Diamonds are easy to transport, inexpensive to store and can be cashed out at almost any diamond dealer in the world.

CongoDiamonds – Kimberly Certificate

Certified Diamond Currency

CongoDiamonds has the best business relationships with certified, legal diamond mines. We are able to supply you as a processor with exceptional rough diamonds. Of course, we comply with all legal and regulatory requirements, the Kimberly Process and set ourselves the high standards for conflict-free diamonds.